Frequently Asked Questions

I'm under 18 and when I create a profile I'm being asked for parent or guardian consent. What's this about?

If you’re under 18 years old when you create a profile, you must receive your parent’s or guardian’s consent to become a mentor. You will be asked to input a parent's or guardian's name and email address at the time of creating your profile. An email will automatically be sent to them asking them to review a Mentor Guardian Consent authorizing you to become a mentor.

Give your parent or guardian a heads up to expect this email from with the subject line “MentorBuddies consent request.” In the email there will be a link the parent or guardian must click on to accept the consent terms. Your MentorBuddies profile will not become active and publicly available until your parent or guardian provides consent, so this is VERY important.

If they do not receive the email, contact us at and we’ll generate another email to them.